Kran Construction Ltd. is committed to a strong safety and environment protection program that protects our staff, our property, the general public and our environment from potential incidents. Kran relies on active contribution from management, employees, contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers to maintain a safe workplace for preventing accidents and for protecting our environment.

“Work Safe Alberta 2006 Best Safety Performer”
Kran Construction Ltd. has been awarded a “Work Safe Alberta 2006 Best Safety Performer Award” for exceptional performance in workplace health and safety by the Alberta Employment, Immigration and Industry. This is the result of Kran’s dedication to “Strive for Safety Excellence,” by participating in the P.I.R. (Partners in Injury Reduction) program.

It is Kran Construction Ltd.’s ultimate goal to achieve a complete injury and accident free workplace. Kran continues to maintain a high safety excellence by having complete and active participation by every employee, everyday, in every job environment. Management supports participation in the educational programs and seminars available to our employees and provides proper equipment, training and procedures for all our workplaces. Kran Construction Ltd. encourages our employees not only to work safely and follow all safety procedures but to strive to improve safety measures.

Project specific safety is addressed with start up hazard assessments and continuous “tool box” meeting to incorporate safety measures and procedures necessary to our employees on the worksite.

Kran Construction Ltd. has long been committed to the protection of the environment. We strive to meet or exceed all municipal, provincial and federal environmental laws and work together with our clients to meet contractual requirements on all of our projects. Kran utilizes prevention plans to help reduce and eliminate impacted areas in our workplaces. Kran Construction Ltd. stays committed to our environmental responsibilities, at all times, on all of our ventures.

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